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Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities


You're looking at Missed Opportunities; a slim, convenient way to add life and variation to drum beats. At its core, it’s a set of probabilistic gates for pulse signals (similar to a Bernoulli gate). But like any module focused on a particular function, it can easily be mixed into all kinds of non-percussion patches to add a bit of spice. The on-board random generator means that it can be used as four channels of random pulses, but it really shines when spliced between two modules in a conventional patch to mix things up. And because it has four channels, it can easily do a bit of both simultaneously!

Missed Opportunities offers not only four channels of probabilistic gating, but also a random pulse generator that’s normalled to channel 1 with no input connected. It features a Density input to add CV control over the likelihood of skipping and a Reset input to jump to the start of the current seed (more on that later). The input of each channel is normalled to the output of the prior channel, with the exception of channel 1 which is fed by the random generator if nothing is plugged in. Each channel offers a different probability value, and even more can be obtained by chaining the channels. But what makes Missed Ops really special is the Missed/Match switch, which allows interesting channel patterns to be created through normaling.

Width: 4HP
Depth: 37mm
Power: +12V rail via 10-pin connector 

Technical Manual 

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